As a divorce support professional, are you looking for a way to demonstrate your commitment to peace?

To be precise - would you feel good to share, at the click of a mouse, an event that could change a family’s lifecycle forever, taking it from the brink of a nasty court-based expensive traumatic divorce towards healthier more peaceful ways for those families to change form?

And for you also to have the opportunity to contribute to those events - events that are in collaboration with national charity Families Need Fathers - simply at the click of a mouse? 


be included in the list of resources/collaborators page


online profile highlighted in a positive way 


running a workshop/short talk


interviewed on the Divorce Radio Show 


You could share your gifts and services with individuals at the Best Way To Split Retreat in Sussex - or next year in a town near you - leveraging this opportunity to build your own business, whilst helping families learn how to stay peaceful during separation - and the only cost to you is simply to share a good thing.

If you are a professional service provider or business owner who would like to support the creation of - and be included in - a Best Way To Split Retreat near you, simply request the coupon code along with the cut-and-paste information which you can share via social media, your work intranet, or direct with friends in need. 


I like to give back, so there are benefits to you for supporting my vision. Simply by sharing your coupon code and cut-and-and paste text info online you will benefit by;

  • being included in the list of resources/collaborators page on my website with a nice juicy backlink to your site from my (well-ranked) website;

  • you can tag me in to your posts so I can share them further - which gets your online profile highlighted in a positive way to my large online network.


Fair enough. 

Ok, if your code is used by 2 or more people to book for the event (which is extremely low cost by the way for a weekend packed with workshops and support, and even more so after they’ve used your coupon code you’ve shared with them) then I can see you are definitely a team player, and I can only grow these events with the support of collaborators and team players. 

So I will be happy for you to offer the most appropriate taster of your service at the next event that suits your diary, whether that is running a workshop, a short talk or being interviewed on the Divorce Radio Show live at the event.


Great - everyone can help by becoming a Peacemaker through sharing this event - an event that holds the intention of substantially reducing the number of parents fighting in court over finances or - even worse - access to their children.  

Many of these parents are not fully aware of the sorrow that awaits them if they take the wrong direction, and blaming the other parent is no consolation when your child is self-harming or failing at school as a direct consequence of the anguish created by not having a proper Divorce Strategy.  

Attendees at the Best Way To Split Retreat™ will create their own Best Way To Divorce Strategy Plan™ and some may even choose to draft a CoParenting Peace Treaty™.  

People arrive without their spouse or ex partner, so they can totally relax and absorb the information and inspiration they need to banish any fears and confusion and even learn how to let go of anger and emotional pain.  

All Peacemakers are welcome to use our Peacemaker logo and display it proudly wherever they see fit. Sometime just sharing it with a friend-in-need will be enough to direct them, without words or explanation needed, to the website where they can access free resources, as well as information about the Best Way To Split Retreat™.

Why Have I Created These Retreat Events?

I'm the Divorce Stategist Suzy Miller and my mission is to reduce the number of divorcing couples and parents who needlessly waste thousands in court battles, increasing the suffering of their children, by helping those parents to navigate a more peaceful divorce.

I help them to to do this by offering a whole range of resources and experts via my Divorce Stategy Sessions and via the Best Way To Split events.


Help Families Need Fathers and I to make these events go national


Through sharing you can help families discover more peaceful routes through divorce


You will benefit through being added to the resource page and potentially become part of future events